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Directory of entities related to the sectorDirectory of entities related to the sector

Directory of entities related to the sector

Entidades Sitio web
Ministry of Finance and Public Credit www.minhacienda.gov.co
Colombian Tax and Customs Authority DIAN www.dian.gov.co
General Accountancy of the Nation www.contaduria.gov.co
Superintendency of Solidarity Economy www.supersolidaria.gov.co
Insurance Deposit or Guarantee Fund for Financial Institutions FOGAFIN www.fogafin.gov.co
Cooperatives Institutions Guarantee Fund FOGACOOP www.fogacoop.gov.co
Pensions and para – fiscal Contributions of the Social Security Administrative Special Unit UGPP www.ugpp.gov.co
Financial Information and Analysis Unit - UIAF www.uiaf.gov.co
Agencia del Inspector General de Tributos, Rentas y Contribuciones Parafiscales -ITRC www.itrc.gov.co
Adjustment Fund www.fondoadaptacion.gov.co
Financial Regulation Unit - URF www.urf.gov.co
Special Assets Corporation - SAE www.saesas.gov.co
Central de Inversiones S.A. - CISA www.cisa.gov.co
Financiera de Desarrollo Territorial S.A. – FINDETER www.findeter.gov.co
Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional - FDN www.fdn.com.co
Coljuegos www.coljuegos.gov.co


    Last updated : 29/01/2016
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