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Strategic ObjetivesStrategic Objetives

Strategic Objetives

Strengthening the SFC’s functional management

Given the importance of the Financial Superintendency of Colombia (SFC), the institution will carry out actions aimed at implementing internationally accepted best practices on issues of corporate governance in coordination with other State entities that are responsible for the stability of the financial system.

Developing a risk based supervision under the MIS methodology

The Financial Superintendency of Colombia established an Integrated Supervisory Framework (MIS) for the exercise of its monitoring and control functions, which is based on the risk-based supervision approach (SBR). For the period of 2015-2018, we will continue reviewing and adjusting the Monitoring Process, in order to improve its harmonization with the Integrated Supervisory Framework, so that each day the SFC can act more effectively and in a prompt manner to risk events in the financial market.

Enhancing consolidated supervision

The SFC will advance in the implementation of international best practices in order to conduct a comprehensive and consolidated supervision with the following topics as a starting point: financial conglomerates, prudential requirements applicable to holding companies, supervision powers regarding holding companies, identification of the structure of conglomerates, related-party transactions and setting up a financial risk management system at a consolidated level so that supervised entities jointly manage their risks.

Strengthening prudential requirements for supervised institutions

Between 2015 and 2018 the SFC will develop activities aimed at the implementation and strengthening of prudential requirements by addressing the recommendations made by the main international bodies(IOSCO[1], IAIS[2] y BIS[3]).

Promoting financial inclusion and education

During the 2015 – 2018 period, the Financial Superintendency of Colombia will continue to back the initiatives of the National Government aimed at promoting financial inclusion, procuring that every citizen, especially the poorest, have access to financial services and products according to their needs.

Financial Consumer Protection

The protection of investors, savers, and insured persons is included among the main objectives of the Financial Superintendency of Colombia through the exercise of the supervisory powers assigned to the institution within the existing legal framework, as well as through policies and actions designed to provide extensive information to financial consumers, savers and investors about their rights and duties regarding the products or services acquired.

Supporting Capital Markets development

During the period of 2015 to 2018, the SFC will continue working to strengthen the regulatory framework of our capital market, through the implementation of the highest international standards of regulation and supervision, taking into account the globalization process of markets in the region.

Strengthening administrative and financial management

Administrative management policies that must be met transversely in all areas and procedures of the Organization. Additionally, it aims to formulate and implement the Document Management Program (PGD) and the Health Workplace Management System (SG-SST).

[1] Organización Internacional de Comisiones de Valores. En inglés International Organization of Securities Commissions - IOSCO
[2] Asociación Internacional de Supervisores de Seguros. En inglés International Association of Insurance Supervisors - IAIS
[3] Bank for International Settlements


    Last updated : 15/02/2016
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