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Financial Services Consumer ProtectionFinancial Services Consumer Protection

Financial Services Consumer Protection

About the Financial Services Consumer Protection Regime

Financial System Organic Statute - Articles

Decree 2555 of 2010

Law 1328 of 2009

Law 1480 of 2011 Consumer Protection Statute

  • Article 57 Jurisdictional Functions of the Financial Superintendency of Colombia.
  • Decree 710 of 2012. SFC’s Delegated Office for Jurisdictional Functions.

Law 1748 of 2014

Law 1748 of 2014 “Sets forth the olibgation to provide transparent information to financial services consumers and establishes other provisions”.
(adds a paragraph to article 9 of Law 1328 of 2009).

Legal Basic Circular

  • Access and information to the financial consumer
  • Instances for the attention of the Financial Consumer within supervised institutions

Other rules:


    Last updated : 18/01/2016
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