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Notes From The SupervisorNotes From The Supervisor

Notes From The Supervisor

Is a publication of the Financial Superintendency of Colombia. The views expressed are the sole responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the entity. The material content is protected by copyright of those who appear as documents holders of the title. The use of documents is allowed in a free manner and free of charge, therefore, we ask you to make good use of the information offered, not to alter its content and, if you use the information provided, please make the correct cite of the source, the author and name of the document.





Credit growth and its impact on the overdue portfolio loan portfolio: a direct and lagging relationship.


Construction of risk aversion indicators.


Economic shocks indicator for Colombia.


Quantifying the economic impact of increasing the level of capital of credit institutions in Colombia.

5 Mechanisms for the protection of financial services consumers.


    Last updated : 19/01/2016
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