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Credit InstitutionsCredit Institutions

Credit Institutions

General regulation on Credit Institutions


Decree 4090 of 2006

Determines the different types of credit whose rates must be certified by the Financial Superintendency of Colombia.

Decree 1044 of 2003

Establishes the activities of the coordination committee regarding the follow-up of the financial system.

Decree 1145 of 2003

Regulates article 94 of Law 795 of 2003 on rediscounting leasing contracts.

Decree 1154 of 1999

Modifies the structure of the Banking Superintendency.

Decree 1335 of 2003

Regulates the progressive dismantling program of entities subject to the surveillance of the Banking Superintendency of Colombia.

Decree 1400 of 2005

Entities that manage low-value payment systems are subject to inspection, monitoring and control.

Decree 1720 of 2001

Sets the minimum solvency ratio for credit institutions.

Decree 1782 of 2001

Sets forth rules aimed at guaranteeing the operations for the sale of securities with a repurchase agreement, simultaneous operations for the purchase of securities under spot and term operations and the temporary transfers of securities in which credit institutions take part.

Decree 1787 of 2004

Regulates housing leasing (Leasing Habitacional) operations set forth in article 1 of Law 795 of 2003.

Decree 1917 of 2003

Partially regulates paragraph 13 of article 24 of Law 510 of 1999.

Decree 2539 of 2001

Authorizes credit institutions to carry out a new operation.

Decree 2540 of 2001

Sets forth rules on the proper weighting of credits granted to a territorial entity for purposes of calculating the solvency ratio.

Decree 2649 of 1993

Regulates accounting in general and establishes the principles or rules of generally accepted accounting in Colombia.

Decree 2779 of 2001

Regulates Decree 094 of 2000.

Decree 2817 of 2000

Sets the indicators that allow inferring financial deterioration in credit institutions subject to the control and surveillance of the Banking Superintendency.

Decree 777 of 2003

Regulates housing leasing (Leasing Habitacional) set forth in article 1 of Law 795 of 2003.

Law 546 of 1999 - Housing law

Dictates standards related to housing matters, sets forth the objectives and criteria that must be observed the National Government when regulating a specialized system for housing funding, creates savings instruments intended for such funding and dictates measures related to taxes and other costs connected to housing construction and negotiation.

Law 550 of 1999 - Economic Intervention

Establishes a system that promotes and facilitates business recovery and the restructuring of territorial entities in order to ensure the social function of corporations. Dictates provisions to harmonize the existing legal regime with the provisions set forth in the present law.

Law 617 of 2000 - Territorial Entities

Partially amends Law 136 of 1994, Decree 1222 of 1986, adds the Organic Budget Law, Decree 1421 of 1993, dictates rules aimed at strengthening decentralization, and establishes rules for the rationalization of national public expenditure.

Law 676 of 2001 - Rediscount of credit operations

Dictates provisions regarding the rediscount of credit operations with the Fund for the financing of the Agricultural Sector, Finagro.

Law 795 of 2003 - Financial Reform

Amends some of the rules of the Financial System Organic Statute and dictates other provisions.

Resolution 3 of 2002

Regulates an interest rate coverage mechanism for individual mortgage loans aimed at housing purchase agreements.

Resolution 2896 of 1999

Publishes the value of the UVR for each of the days between January 1 of 1993 and January 31 of 1999.


    Last updated : 15/01/2016
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