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National Registry (Simev)National Registry (Simev)

National Registry (Simev)

Securities Market Information System (SIMEV)

The Securities Market Information System - SIMEV - is the set of human, technical and management resources administered by the Financial Superintendency of Colombia to allow and facilitate the provision of information to the market.

In accordance with paragraph 3 of article 7 of Law 964 of 2005, the accuracy of the information available on the SIMEV, as well as the effects that occur as a result of its disclosure will remain the sole responsibility of those who provide it to the system.

In accordance with the provisions of article of Resolution 400 of 1995, issuers must maintain the RNVE permanently updated by referring to the Financial Superintendency of Colombia periodic and relevant information as set in articles, and of the mentioned resolution, which must also be sent to trading systems in which the respective securities are negotiated, within the same deadlines as established for the referral to the Financial Superintendency of Colombia. As established in article of the Resolution, the legal representative of the issuer or the management agent under a securitization processes will be responsible for the provision of such information.

In accordance with the established in the first paragraph of article, article of Resolution 400 of 1995 and External Circular 023 of 2007, registered agents in the National Registry of Securities Market Agents - RNAMV will be responsible for the continuous updating of the information reported to the register.

Finally, and in accordance with article of the above mentioned resolution, the person to whom the professional registered in the National Registry of Securities Market Professionals is linked to, or the natural person who performs brokerage operations, are responsible for updating the information that is based on that record, in the terms and conditions set forth in this rule.

The SIMEV consists of the following records:


    Last updated : 18/01/2016
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